Tim's Kling-on Cards

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Welcome to the Corona Virus Tim is now self-isolating, and presenting his videos directly from his apartment, via a web link.

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Tim has a deck of cards. But why? We know they won't just be normal cards! The Ace of Spades has the brand name on display - KLING! These cards are magnetic, and so will kling-on to any metal surface. Tim imagines himself on a cruise liner, playing cards on deck, and because the table is metal, the cards stick to it, and don't blow away in the sea breeze!

Tim then produces a gold ring that is also a strong magnet, and shows how he can roll the ring around the cards.

Next, a greeting card with a bit of humour. On the front it says 'Everyone thinks you're still looking great'; but when you open the card, there is a picture of a broken mirror and the sound of breaking glass. 'Well nearly everyone' it says!
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