Tim Joins The Revolution

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Welcome to the Corona Virus Tim is now self-isolating, and presenting his videos directly from his apartment, via a web link.

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Tim is still exploring toys from his 2007

In that year, Tim visited Morocco and saw the famous goats that climb trees, and bought a postcard to remind him of what he had seen.

Then a sculpture for the desk made by R G Watkins, a friend of Tim's. The wood has been carved to show the word GOOD, but when you look closely, the spaces within the letters spell the word EVIL. A clever piece of dual art, and quite philosophical as well.

Next, a souvenir from Australia, which visited for the first time in 2007. A pen with a kangaroo on a spring, and an internal LED.

Finally, a badge. It says JOIN THE R£EVOLUTION. Which revolution is that? Well, a clue is the web site at the bottom - The badge celebrates the famous Rubik Cube. Tim has met Ernő Rubik a few times, and Ernő Rubik has even visited Tim's flat and had a conducted tour of some of the toy collection!
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