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Sometimes I have kids tell me that their teachers play my videos in their classrooms and stuff. It's my job to make sure that never happens again.

Scaled and Icy was a super divisive and controversial album. I weigh in with my own thoughts with my best friend Ezra. Together we make fools of ourselves and ramble about nothing or like 25 minutes.

The original footage was 90 minutes. Trust me, you're not missing much.

Also just a lil PSA, if ur gonna be dumb like us and get intoxicated and stuff, always make sure you're in a safe and secured place with people you trust. Never ever get into a vehicle under the influence. No exceptions. While getting inebriated like this certainly isn't the most responsible thing to do, I'll always make sure to set an example by doing so safely.

By the way, that TOP burrito was super good. Ate the whole thing, which I'm never able to do with Chipotle burritos. Those things are thicc.

I'm just now realizing that this is my first video in 5? 6 months? Yeah what a grand comeback video huh. I'd love to make more fun videos like this, just gotta beat out those sweet sweet depression vibes.

Fun fact: YouTube tends to like it when you litter your description with tags and relevant terms. For example, for this video, I could write Twenty One Pilots, Trench, Blurryface, Stressed Out, Tyler Joseph, Josh Dunn, Ukulele, Clique, Fueled By Ramen, Shy Away, Choker, Saturday, DEMA, Lyrics, Review, Music, Quarantine, Review, and so on and so forth.

Also, man, it has been a while. I hope you're doing okay. Family doing alright? Friends and health and stuff going fine? I hope so. You're a good noodle, you deserve nice things like that. I've been doing meh-so-so. Got a full time job that sucked my energy and motivation to do anything except work and sleep. Cut down my hours so I can work on YouTube videos and music more often.

Oh yeah, Sophomore Year video will be coming out this summer hopefully. It's turning into a monster of a video.

By the way, I make quite a few jokes in here at Twenty One Pilots' expense. Please know they all come from a place of love and adoration. This is such a special and phenomenal band, even when I think they slip up a little bit. Never mean to hurt anyone's feelings if anyone associated with the group personally happens upon this. Just having a goof and a gaff poking fun at the members.

Man I also poke fun at Brad Taste in Music too. I love him very much. His videos are wonderful, his reactions are always insightful, whether I agree with him or not. It's always a blast goofing with him because he knows it also comes from a place of admiration and love. No actual bad vibes to him. They're just jokes in the video. Tee hee ha ha. Hi Brad. Congrats on 100k. Enjoy that silver play button. They're nice, dude. Easy way to win the respect of any 13 year old you meet.

Yeah I always try to make it a goal to fill my descriptions as much as possible so YouTube can send this video out to as many people as possible. That's called SEO, search engine optimization. Google it! It's cool.

Here's time codes for every section of the video by the way!

00:00 - Quick ad!
00:12 - TOP Chipotle Burrito Review
01:44 - SAI Review Intro
02:55 - Initial thoughts
04:41 - Good Day
06:19 - Choker
08:27 - Shy Away
10:00 - The Outside
12:01 - Saturday Oh No
16:49 - Never Take It
17:47 - Mulberry Street
19:53 - Formidable
20:38 - Bounce Man
22:11 - No Chances
23:50 - Redecorate
26:02 - Closing thoughts
26:49 - Hopes for the Future
28:44 - Goodbyes
29:15 - End Card Yeehaw

Toy store footage for Choker can be found here!
Gas station stock footage is Arco Gas Station At Night by Chhoun Chan Rasmey ()
Miami drive footage can be found here!
Monke throw raccoon video can be found here!


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