LOST in the JUNGLE!! messy toy room play pretend with Adley & Dad! wild pets! neighbor won’t wakeup

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building a Tree House Fort in the Jungle!!


HEY EVERYBODY!! What do you do when you need to clean up a messy You play in it first!! My dad, Niko, and I went upstairs to clean the toy room but when we got there we didn't feel like cleaning, we felt like playing one of our new favorite games Airplane!! First, we had to search the toy room to find stuff to build our plane! We found chairs, seatbelts, and an intercom system to help build our flying machine! We gathered all the parts and started working hard! While the plane was being built we got our tickets ready and prepared for taking off! I was the captain and Dad and Niko were my passengers, but when the plane was ready to go Niko was nowhere to be found! Looks like he missed his flight! I flew the plane up to the clouds and we were on our way! Along the way to our destination I served my guests food, blankets, and games on the iPad to keep them comfortable! All was smooth, until the danger button went off and we had to make an emergency landing in the jungle! My dad and I had to make sure we were ok so we built a house for us to sleep in! After spending a while in the jungle I started to love it! I don't know if I ever want to leave the jungle!!

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*
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