Lockdown Series | Episode - 3 | Akhil Jackson

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So pillalu ki inka pedhavallaki entho ishtamaina ice cream nen eroj cheshina so pakka chudandi and dont miss it abba endukante ice cream masthu ayyindhi.

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➤ USTRAA Total De-Tan Pack
Ustraa De Tan kit is the complete De-Tan Solution you need since it solves the following problems:
• Reverses sun tanning, skin discoloration and restores your natural skin tone
• Removes dark spots, pimples, blackheads, fine lines
• Brightens and evens skins tone
Both Products are made from premium quality ingredients that give holistic goodness to your skin.
These ingredients include
• Walnut Granules (Akhrot) - help in exfoliation and removing the effects of sun tanning.
• Swiss Garden Cress (Haleem ke Beej) - helps in skin brightening, fades any dark spots and
• Liquorice Root (Mullathi) :Helps reduce under eye circles, discoloration of skin and age spots
• Japanese Yuzu ( A Japanese Citrus Fruit similar to Orange) - rich in Vitamin C and anti oxidants
helps repair skin and reverse aging effects like wrinkles and fine lines
Both Products are also power packed with Vitamin B3 which helps get rid of unwanted pigmentation
and; tanning resulting in glowing and bright
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